Health Side is an easy-to-use teeth whitening kit that may help remove teeth stains to help you smile brighter.

As years go by, our teeth gradually lose their natural whiteness. Our teeth also get stained from drinking coffee, tea, and wine; thereby making them look dull and yellowish. Regular brushing may not be enough to break/remove these stains.

Health Side is a Teeth Whitening System which includes a solution that may penetrate the tooth enamel and may help break apart the stains that typical brushing can't reach. It may help remove the stains and may also help restore the appearance of brighter and whiter teeth, letting you smile wide. Health Side can be used easily in the comfort of your home without the need of any special procedures.

Apply the Health Side gel to the inside of the Health Side mouthguard, bite down on the mouthguard and press the button to activate the LED catalyst.

Keep the Health Side mouthguard with whitening agent according to the instructions within the kit to achieve the number of shades you are seeking. Rinse when finished.

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